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The royal fortified city with a timeless  appeal Lying in the north of the desert state, the city is dotted with many sand dunes.
ikaner retains the medieval splendor that pervades the city's lifestyle.
More popularly called the Camel Country, the city is renowned for the best riding camels in the world .The ship of the desert is an inseparable part of life here, that's why Bikaner is also famous  in the world for camel safari .


Bikaner's history dates back to 
1488 A.D., when a Rathore Prince, Rao Bikaji -
 a descendant of the founder of 
jodhpur (1459 A.D.) ,Rao Jodhaji, 
established his kingdom here. 
Rao Jodhaji had five sons but
Rao Bikaji was the most enterprising 
of them .Bikaji chose a barren wilderness called 'jangladesh' 
and  transformed it to an impressive city, called 
after the founder's name .



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Bikaner  stands on a slightly raised ground and is circumscribed by a seven km long embattled wall with five gates .The magnificent forts and palaces, created with delicacy in reddish-pink sandstone, bear testimony to its rich historical and architectural legacy. Undulating lanes, colourful bazaars and bright and cheerful folks make Bikaner  an interesting experience.

Prime Sites 

1.Junagarh Fort
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Built in 1593 A.D. by Raja Rai Singh,   this fort is a Formidable structure encircled by a moat and has some beautiful palaces within. Built by 15 rulers of Bikaner it is one of the most enchanting and well maintained fort with a  very impressive museum ofartifacts and artillery and weapons .

2.Anup Mahal



It is one of The best palaces of Junagarh fort 
and probably the most elegant one ,  
built by the Tenth Maharaja of Bikaner State , 
his highness Anup Singh .

This Particular Palace was " Darbar hall " for the lord, such a hall where only distinguished Knights and  guest could enter. in that palace you see red throne of Lord Anup Singh.

This palace is symbol of the glory of bygone era of Rajasthan .


3.Laxmi Niwas Palace

The Architectural masterpiece in red sandstone, 
the palace was built by Maharaja Ganaga Singh 
the palace has beautiful latticework and filigree work.

4.Old City

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The city of Bikaner surrounded by high walls and massive gates is an experience in itself. Its Bazaars, people and enchanting Havelis give an enchanting treat to the visitors. 

As Bikaner was on the trade route to Middle East  and  Europe the traders of Bikaner were very rich and built  beautifully carved havelis. The old city of Bikaner has old markets, narrow streets, with houses around courtyards and  many beautiful temples . 

A Must see for every tourist 

5.Bhandasar jain Temple (5 km)

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This Temple was built before the foundation of Bikaner by a businessman Seth Bhandashah and is an exemplary work in Jain Temple Architecture. It is said that tones and tones of Butter Oil was used in the construction of the temple instead of water.   
It  has beautiful inlay work in gold and rich paintings mark the walls and the ceiling of the temple. It is a three storied structure which gives an enchanting view of the old city from the top. 

6.Camel Research Farm (8 km) 




The Camel Breeding farm was established by Indian Council of Agricultural Research  in 1975 A.D. to understand and conduct Scientific Research on the behavior, physiology, reproductive system, anatomy. breeding, nutrition, disease control and socio-economic aspects of camel. 
Bikaner is popular as the Camel city of India   and a major source of occupation for the people of Rajasthan especially the THAR Desert.


7.Devi Kund (8 km)


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Devi Kund Sagar was the funeral place of the rulers of Bikaner and houses hundreds of cenotaphs built on the cremation grounds of the rulers of Bikaner in memory of the rulers, their queens and family members. 

Giving a mixture of Hindu-Mughal Architecture, these cenotaphs are made of local red sandstone and marble with beautiful paintings on the ceilings. 

A Beautiful experience. 


8.Shiv Bari Temple (6 km)

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Enroute to  Camel Breeding Farm is the Laleshwar Mahadev Temple (ShivBari); a very beautiful and serene Temple built in a Haveli Architecture by Maharaja Doongar Singh Ji  of Bikaner. Although it is not highlighted  much , but it is definitely a place one would like to spend some time. 




(Around Bikaner)      

Deshnok's Karni Mata Temple (30km)

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One of the most unique temples of India,  
The Deshnoke Karni Mata Temple, popularly known as the rat temple is located 32 Kms south of Bikaner on the Jodhpur Highway.




 This is the only place in the world  where rats are considered sacred and are revered and looked after as they are supposed to be protected by Godess Karni. Built in 16th Century, it is a beautiful example of marble architecture with a beautifully carved front facade.  




Gajner Wildlife Sanctury (32 km)

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Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary, around 35 Kms from Bikaner on the Jaisalmer Highway houses the former Hunting lodge of Bikaner and has a beautiful lake surrounded by a dense forest. The place is a must visit for catching a glimse of Bluebulls , Antelopes, Chinkaras,  Wild Boars and other Wild Animals. 

Sri Kolayat ji (50 km )

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This Temple is fifty two kilometers towards  Jaisalmer, this temple is dedicated to "Kapil Muni" who is fifth recreation of "Lord Vishnu" , 
there are 52 Ghats around  this temple.
It is the Most important Pilgrimage Point for Hindus in Northern Rajasthan after Pushkar.
Every year a big fair is organized  in the month of November known as "Kolayat Fair" which Coincides with Pushkar fair when pilgrims take a holy dip in the Kolayat lake on the full moon day in the month of Kartik. 


Fairs and Festivals
Although India is a Country of Fairs and Festivals there are some festivals Which you can Experience and Enjoy in Bikaner only :-


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The Camel Festival (January): A Unique event of its kind of camel performances, camel races, camel acrobatics, camel dances and camel milking competition.





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Gangaur Festival (April): Dedicated to Goddess Parvati - the consort of Lord Shiva. Grand processions of the deit accompanied by dancing women are a part of the eighteen day long celebrations.




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